Practice Management

Cambridge Community of Women

The Cambridge Community of Women is about encouraging more women professionals to engage in the advice industry, not fewer men. It’s about bringing even more women into our industry, helping more women move into leadership roles, and empowering more women to seize opportunity and thrive. Cambridge is focused on supporting independent financial professionals dedicated to serving their clients.

Cambridge Women Financial Professionals

Cambridge women financial professionals are represented in Cambridge’s Leader’s Club, Signature Club, and Premier Club – and hold roles on many Cambridge Advisory Councils. These independent women financial professionals position Cambridge among the top firms in the industry for the percentage of women financial professionals in the industry.

Cambridge Women Events

Cambridge celebrated its 10th anniversary of the Cambridge Community of Women in 2020, at the Cambridge Women Advisors Forum in Scottsdale.

Industry Presence and Involvement

In addition to Cambridge women initiatives, we are actively invest in the women’s community throughout the financial services industry.