The Transition Process

Experience our core value of flexibility through our customized transition plans, including "Transition Express" designed to assist you in the process.

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When you choose to join Cambridge, you will immediately experience our core value of flexibility with our customized transition plans, including "Transition Express" designed to assist in training our newest financial professionals and administrative staff.

Our Transition Team serves as your primary point of contact during the transition process, serving as a liaison between you and Cambridge home office departments. As the process evolves, you will be gradually introduced to the rest of the Cambridge family. Our experienced Transition Consultants are dedicated to providing you with a seamless and straightforward transition, allowing you to continue providing your clients with the outstanding service they deserve.

Cambridge’s Acceptance Process

Upon acceptance, your recruiter will continue to partner with you to develop a customized plan for moving your business to Cambridge. All the relevant details of your plan will be captured in a Letter of Understanding (LOU). Once the LOU is signed and returned, your transition process can begin.

During this initial consultation, you and your staff will be introduced to your personal Transition Consultant who will oversee every step of your transition, providing guidance, scheduling and conducting consultations, and more.

Our Registration and Licensing Team works to ensure you’re involved in every aspect of your registration as you transfer securities licenses, insurance appointments, and advisory registrations to Cambridge.

We help establish an efficient transition of your client accounts and assets.

Cambridge has developed a guide designed to help financial professionals navigate the complexities of privacy, contractual, and regulatory obligations as they prepare and execute a transition plan. This guide does not address every potential situation; instead, it attempts to address common issues and questions that may arise during the transition process.

Our Public Relations and Creative Marketing Team provides the tools you need to introduce Cambridge to your clients including marketing strategies, step-by-step marketing guides, and personalized client materials including the Cambridge Independence Brochure, which explains your role as an independent financial professional and Cambridge’s role as an independent broker-dealer.

Our Practice Management Team outlines their expansive services, tools, and offerings – building blocks to grow your business.

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