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Episode 212: Following the Golden Rule

Steve Howard of OL Advisors

“The role models really continue to put that client-first approach into my head. The easiest answer is, if you put clients first, the rest should follow. And if it doesn't, you know, it's about process, not outcomes. And if you follow that true north, things are going to go well for you.” – Steve Howard

After 20 years of working in what many call the ‘captive environment’, Steve Howard decided he was ready to join the independent space. Now, as managing partner at OL Advisors, Steve’s background in portfolio management, asset allocation, and macroeconomics continues to drive his team’s client-first approach to wealth management. Don’t miss this jam-packed episode as Steve shares how his previous positions in research and strategy prepared him for his role as a managing partner. He also highlights what motivated him to make the switch to the independent space, and how mentorships played a role in his passion for following the Golden Rule. 

In Episode 212: Following the Golden Rule, Steve joins Cambridge CEO Amy Webber to discuss:

  • How previous positions prepared him for his role as managing partner
  • How he continues building his team and business
  • The importance of the Golden Rule

About Steve Howard

Steven T. Howard joined OL Advisors following a 20-year career creating and managing client portfolios at Morgan Stanley and predecessor companies. As a Managing Director based in New York, he focused his attention on helping high net worth individuals build and preserve wealth using a disciplined, process-based approach to investing. Steve has also held various strategy and research positions within Citigroup. He spent two years managing the Citi Private Client Investment Strategy team in London and worked as the financial services strategist for Smith Barney in New York. He received an M.B.A. degree in Accounting and Finance from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Steve’s background in portfolio management, asset allocation, and macroeconomics dovetail well with the team’s client-first approach to wealth management. Steve lives in Longmeadow, Massachusetts with his wife and four children.


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