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Episode 207: It’s Okay to Be You

Traci Shughart of Premier Wealth Management

“I really had to learn to step up more and not be sitting in the shadows. And in the beginning, I think I often felt underestimated because I stayed in the shadows so much. But I guess my advice would be you're better at things than you think you are.” – Traci Shughart

After 25 years in the business, Traci Shughart of Premier Wealth Management continues building onto the mission she and her business partner first established of making the lives of clients and financial professionals less stressful by providing first-rate service solutions. Now, as CEO of the firm, Traci shares what it was like for her to step into the shoes of her predecessor, what she learned from him along the way, and advice she would offer anyone in a similar situation. Don’t miss this episode as Traci highlights her journey from substitute teacher to financial professional and why she believes quality service is so important.

In Episode 207: It’s Okay to Be You, Traci Shughart joins Cambridge CEO Amy Webber to discuss:

  • Her journey from education to financial services
  • How the firm has evolved over the years and the key to growing her team
  • What it means to her to be a 2023 Spirit of Cambridge Award recipient

The Spirit of Cambridge Award is given annually to independent financial professionals and associates who are dedicated to service while reflecting Cambridge’s core values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness. Each year, Cambridge home office associates select three financial professionals and two associates from a pool of outstanding candidates who have been affiliated with Cambridge for at least 10 years.

About Traci Shughart

Traci Shughart is the branch manager and supervisor for Premier’s 75 financial professionals. In that role she provides service and support to her team of financial professionals. She is responsible for compliance oversight such as reviewing trading activities, evaluating suitability and risk, and providing education and problem-solving assistance to the team. 

Traci and her business partner started Premier 25 years ago with a desire to help make the lives of our clients and financial professionals less stressful by providing first-rate service solutions. Traci is passionate about service and is constantly striving to find ways to make the service experience for our clients and financial professionals better. She believes by providing quality support and assistance, Premier helps ease the concerns and strains inherent in the financial services industry for clients and financial professionals alike.

Traci lives in Mount Holly Springs, Pennsylvania with her husband Lee and their two pups, Bodhi and Tuco. She has two sons Hunter and Ajay. Traci is a board member of the LFA Foundation, serving the needs of autistic children and Bethany House, providing services to young ladies that have aged out of foster care. Traci enjoys gardening and reading and is a huge music fan.


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