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Episode 201: Digging Out of Debt

Nick Daugherty of  FinancialCop LLC

“I tell my cops that work for me, ‘You do the right things for the right reasons, even if it costs the company money; I'm okay with that as long as it was for the right reason and it was the right thing to do.’ I never want to violate that trust that our brothers and sisters have instilled in us to help them with their financial planning.”– Nick Daugherty

As owner and president of FinancialCop, a full-service financial firm, Nick Daugherty and his team help police officers, first responders, and public servants build stronger financial futures by leveraging department-wide financial wellness training, custom financial planning, and life insurance. You don’t want to miss this episode of Cambridge Stronger as Nick shares his journey from cop to financial professional, and what continues to drive his passion as a business owner. Nick also highlights what characteristics and goals he looks for while onboarding clients, and why he believes clients choose to work with his firm.

In Episode 201: Digging Out of Debt, Nick joins Cambridge CEO Amy Webber to discuss:

  • His journey from cop to financial professional
  • How he discovered his passion for financial planning
  • How and why he believes his firm attracts clients

About Nick Daugherty

Nick Daugherty began his career with the Grand Prairie Police Department (GPPD) in 2003 serving as a patrol officer, school resource officer, and underage alcohol and drug task force officer. In 2012 he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant where he served as a patrol sergeant, field training supervisor, fleet coordinator, and criminal intelligence unit sergeant. Additionally, Nick holds a Master Peace Officer certification and a TCOLE instructor’s certificate. He semi-retired in August of 2017 and continues to serve as a reserve officer for GPPD. During his career he was awarded numerous honors and commendations, including a lifesaving award, as well as being named officer of the month, Jim Thorne Officer of The Year, and the Sergeant Gregory Hunter Supervisor of The Year award.

A graduate, and coordinator, of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, Nick is also a certified Ramsey Solutions master trained financial coach* and has coached hundreds of first responders through financial crisis. Additionally, he has completed classes through Ken Zahn’s Certified Financial Planning professional education program. In 2012 he created a revolutionary financial wellness class for GPPD, “Building Financial Strength in First Responder Families” that has been taught to over 30,000 first responders nationally.

Nick is also the president, and owner of Financial Cop LLC, a full-service financial firm for first responders, run by first responders as well as being a licensed life insurance agent. 

Nick also serves in various volunteer capacities nationally as a peer support and crisis coach, along with having served on the Texas Police Chief Association Officer Suicide Committee, focusing on the financial wellness impact in regards to officer suicide / PTSD.


*Completion of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training does not create an employment or agency relationship with Ramsey Solutions or its affiliates; it does not constitute an license or credentials to engage in legal, tax, accounting, investment, or other professional practice; nor does it constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the Coach by Dave Ramsey.

Advisory Services through Retirement Plan Advisors, LLC, a Federal Registered Investment Adviser.  Retirement Plan Advisors and FinancialCop LLC are not affiliated.

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