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Episode 199: Remaining Relatable

Kristina Paz of Sopris Wealth Advisors

“I think that when you break down that fear of the unknown with education, it makes a huge difference and I look for a lot of stories to make something more relatable, like, you know; Rebalancing your portfolio is just like getting your hair trimmed, like your hair grows at all different lengths and you have to get it back into balance.” – Kristina Paz

As a strong advocate for women in the financial services industry and one of the only all-women financial advisor firms in the state of Colorado, Kristina Paz of Sopris Wealth Advisors specializes in working with women in transitions, particularly health care workers. While her firm and relationships with her clients continue to evolve, Kristina credits her family for her passion to serve others. You don’t want to miss episode of Cambridge Stronger as Kristina shares how she helps her clients take back their financial freedom through education, and why she believes being relatable is the key to empowering her clients.

In Episode 199: Remaining Relatable, Kristina joins Cambridge CEO Amy Webber to discuss:

  • How she came to find her niche clientele
  • Why family is a driving force within her business
  • How she continues to grow her firm

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About Kristina Paz

Kristina Paz is the Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager at Sopris Wealth Advisors, in Fort Collins, Colorado. Kristina and Sopris Wealth Advisors believe in empowering their clients to take control of their financial lives through education and financial planning. 

Kristina specializes in working with women in transition, particularly health care workers. She attended Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts, majoring in Economics, and moved on to work with Wachovia Securities, Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, and Waddell and Reed before joining Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. in 2017. She currently lives in Colorado with her husband, Anthony, and their rescue Doberman, Miki. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, cooking, rock climbing, paddleboarding, and hiking.


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About Cambridge Stronger

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