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Episode 179: One Size Never Fits All

 Tom Stephens of Smart Capital Management

 “At this point, I see myself as more of a counselor, retirement coach, or maybe journey guide because things don’t always go as planned. You retire with one idea and someone gets sick or dies, maybe even you find yourself divorced – it’s truly a continuation of your lifelong journey.”

From serving in the U.S. Air Force as a cryptographer to opening his own firm – it’s no secret Tom Stephens’ journey into financial services has had many twists and turns. As a business owner and retirement investment advisor, author, and speaker – Tom attributes his success to learning from his past experiences. You don’t want to miss this episode of Cambridge Stronger as Tom shares how he turned his passion for financial literacy into a reality by founding his business with one philosophy in mind: one size never fits all.

Tune into Episode 179: One Size Never Fits All, as Tom joins Cambridge CEO Amy Webber to discuss:

  • His journey from the Air Force to the financial services industry
  • The importance of his businesses’ philosophy
  • His motivation and passion behind the many initiatives he’s worked on over the years

About Tom Stephens 

As a successful entrepreneur, retired executive, widower and now a retirement income specialist, Tom Stephens goes beyond simply providing investment advice. Stephens has documented his experiences in several books and first seeks to educate his pre and post-retiree clients about the road ahead - while building out conservative strategies for producing lifetime retirement income.

Stephens founded Smart Capital Management in April of 2018. Since then he’s partnered with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc., to provide clients with access to investments and strategies not generally available at other investment firms.

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Cambridge and Smart Capital Management are not affiliated.

About Cambridge Stronger

Integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness are at the core of Cambridge’s values and drive the Spirit of Cambridge. Join our host, Cambridge CEO Amy Webber, for each Cambridge Stronger episode as she invites independent financial professionals to offer insight on how they integrate values and purpose in their care for their investing clients; and hear their stories on how they got their start as well as why they are in the advice profession. 

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