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Episode 170: Attitude and Effort

Andy Pike of Quo Vadis Financial

 “You can’t ever give up — you have to keep pressing through. If you know you’re doing the right thing for people, it’s always going to work out. Always.”

Veterans Day is a time to pause, reflect, and pay tribute to the men and women — past and present — who have fought for our country. One of those people is Andy Pike, a 26-year Air Force veteran and the CEO of Quo Vadis Financial in Pearl City, Hawaii. A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Andy joined the Air Force as an 18-year-old in 1977 initially intending to carry out a four-year enlistment. Inspired by the values and discipline of the military, he went on to serve over two decades before retiring in 2003 to pursue a career in financial services. He later decided to try his hand in the independent space, starting Quo Vadis Financial in 2010 surrounded by the sandy beaches and tropical palm trees of Hawaii.


Andy joined Cambridge CEO Amy Webber to discuss his time in the military, why he decided to pursue independence, his vision for Quo Vadis Financial, and more. In Episode 170: Attitude and Effort, you’ll learn:

  • The factors that inspired Andy to enlist in the Air Force
  • The military skills and lessons Andy has used effectively during his career in financial services
  • How Andy’s time with the Cambridge Technology Advisory Council has benefited his business
  • What Veterans Day means to Andy and his military peers

About Andy Pike

Andy Pike joined the United States Air Force in 1977, hoping to figure out what he really wanted to do with his life. As he progressed through the ranks and moved to different bases and countries, there was always one person, at each assignment he could pinpoint as a mentor. From his mentors, he learned the qualities of a good leader and began to develop a passion for helping others. As Andy prepared for military retirement in 2003, he decided to join a financial planning firm and figured he would be able to continue coaching and mentoring clients as if they were "his troops."

As time went on, it became clear to Andy that going the independent route was the only way he could build a firm solely focused on the clients’ best interests – something he truly wanted. Quo Vadis Financial Management was born out of a passion for having deep, meaningful relationships with clients that focus more on the relationship than on the financial element.

Since 2007, Andy has focused on teaching various biblically-based financial classes in his community. Unable to imagine a career outside of financial advising, Andy has no plans to slow down or retire anytime soon.


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