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Episode 168: Paying Your Future Self

Mark Dudycha of Dudycha Retirement Group

 “We try to help the younger generation understand that it’s on their shoulders – yeah, the new car sounds great, but try to think about paying yourself in the future.”

After graduating college, Mark Dudycha of Dudycha Retirement Group began his financial services career in banking. He later decided to make the move into an advisory role and founded Dudycha Retirement Group in the independent space. Today, Mark continues educating his clients on the specifics of their pension and savings accounts through workshops and one-one-one meetings. He also stresses the importance of keeping clients engaged during the retirement planning process, reminding them that “retirement planning is more than just a financial issue” – a statement Mark has stood by since beginning his journey in the financial services industry.

Don’t miss out on Episode 168: Paying Your Future Self, as Mark joins Cambridge CEO Amy Webber to discuss:

  • His journey from banking to business owner

  • How he encourages clients to stay engaged

  • Why he thinks it’s critical for younger generations to understand the importance of retirement planning

  • How he leverages his experience on Cambridge's CAAP1 Advisory Council - Cambridge Asset Allocation Platform

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About  Mark Dudycha

Mark Dudycha enjoys working with his clients to help them achieve their financial as well as personal goals in the retirement phase of their life. As Mark says, “Retirement planning is more than just a financial issue.” Mark graduated from the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. He started his financial career in banking before moving into an advisory role working with individuals. Mark enjoys educating his clients and future clients on the specifics of their pension and savings accounts through workshops and through one-on-one meetings.

Mark, his wife, and their two daughters love to spend time together exploring new adventures and keeping up with their dog Pearl.


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