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Episode 157: A 3D View of Social Investing

Richard Torgerson of SharePower Responsible Investing

“You work in service to your clients. You don’t work for your broker-dealer, you don’t work for investment companies, you don’t work for mutual funds that you might be using – your first loyalty is to the well-being and best interest of your clients.”

Putting clients first – Richard Torgerson says that was, and still is the key to having a successful business as a financial professional, although financial services wasn’t always Richard’s end goal. He was a political science major, and his first job out of college was a community organizer for a housing civil rights organization. This role opened the door for Richard into socially responsible investing, something he’s continued to follow closely over the years. From a stockbroker to a now independent financial professional, Richard takes us back through the various stages in his journey that led to becoming a CEO and Registered Principal today.

Tune in to Episode 157: A 3D View of Social Investing to hear:

  • How a change in perspective can open the door for new opportunities

  • Key elements of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing

  • The importance of continuing education inside and outside the office

  • How to never lose sight of not only your end goal but your client’s end goal

Don’t miss the full episode to hear more about Richard’s journey in navigating the twists and turns of our industry!

Episode 157 Rik Torgerson

About Richard Torgerson of SharePower Responsible Investing

Richard W. Torgerson is a Founding Circle Member of SharePower Responsible Investing, Inc. and currently serves as CEO. Richard has been combining his financial acumen with a lifelong commitment to social justice since becoming a financial advisor with Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. in 1985. In 1996 he joined Progressive Asset Management, Inc. (PAMI), the first independent socially responsible investment broker/dealer where he served as Director of Social Research & Shareowner Advocacy from 2004 to 2012 and as President from 2008 to 2011. In those positions, Richard developed the social research program, developed SRI products and guided the organization to become the first retail brokerage firm to endorse the United Nations Global Compact and the U.N. Principles for Responsible Investment. Richard brings a wealth of professional expertise in economic and social analysis, shareowner advocacy and SRI portfolio management to his practice working with both clients and outside coalitions to mobilize support for social/environmental initiatives.


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