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Episode 156: Returning to the Fundamentals

Aaron Witten of Witten Financial Services

“As we make more good decisions, the numbers get bigger, but it makes it a little scarier to make those decisions. But I keep coming back to fundamentals, remembering the lessons I learned from a very young age.”

Aaron Witten has always had the entrepreneurial spirit – something he says he learned from his parents. At just ten years old, he founded his first business by selling and trading sports cards; Aaron later began his journey in the financial services industry in 1999, selling securities and insurance to clients. Now, with more than 23 years of experience, Aaron continues living out his entrepreneurial dream as the founder of Witten Financial Services. From building and managing multiple businesses to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, Aaron highlights how the lessons he learned as a young boy continue serving him today. Don’t miss Episode 156: Returning to the Fundamentals, to hear:

  • The importance of situating yourself and your business for success

  • Adding value to current situations from past experiences

  • Remembering your ‘why’ when it comes to big decisions

  • How to recognize the need for more of a work-life balance

Tune in to the full episode to hear Aaron’s journey!

About Aaron Witten of Witten Financial Services

Entrepreneurial from an early age, Aaron Witten, founder of Witten Financial Services, has always found a way to serve others while pursuing his passions and interests. At age 10, he started his first business selling baseball, football, and other trading cards. With every early endeavor, Aaron found a way to pair high quality service with his personal interests, resulting in a winning combination. Aaron entered the financial services industry in October 1999 and focused on selling securities and insurance to clients. He was named salesman of the month at his local branch multiple times. Even with his success, Aaron’s desire to learn and try new things compelled him to seek out additional opportunities outside of the financial industry. While continuing to serve his existing financial clients, Aaron launched a new business, GameStation, Inc. GameStation built custom dice for individuals and businesses – the business continually grew until 2014, when Aaron voluntarily closed the doors to focus solely on his financial clients.

Witten Financial Services helps clients with financial concerns. From the simple to the complex and everything in between, Aaron’s patience, kindness, and passion for service allow clients to feel safe knowing that he is working in their best interest. Aaron is also a regular presenter and tradeshow attendee at gaming events across the country.


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