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Episode 126: Making a Positive Difference

Bob Pugliese of Premier Wealth Management

Bob (Robert) Pugliese is the chairman and chief executive officer of Premiere Wealth Management in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. He mentors financial professionals, helping them develop their own successful business plan and serve their clients to the best of their ability. Bob joined Cambridge in 1999, and was a 2012 Spirit of Cambridge honoree. He has a passion for ensuring financial professionals reach their business goals by remaining profitable and efficient as they continue to grow. In his free time, Bob enjoys spending time with his family and volunteering in his community, from staying active with the Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz to serving as the executive director of the LFA Foundation. 

Episode 126: Making a Positive Difference Amy Webber and Bob Pugliese
Episode 126: Making a Positive Difference

Premier Wealth Management is located in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, and specializes in transition services, problem resolution, mentoring, marketing, practice management, and one-on-one training. They provide their financial professionals with the guidance to help them grow and the tools to regain their work-life balance. The firm’s primary goal is to build and maintain trust and confidence in their financial professionals, while helping them achieve their career goals and build strong relationships with their own clients. https://premiercir.com/

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