Cambridge Retirement Center

Cambridge’s Retirement Center is one of many forward-thinking solutions designed to give independent financial professionals the choice to offer fee based solutions as a fiduciary and deliver financial education to participants. Cambridge worked with preeminent experts in advisor retirement plan platforms to develop the Retirement Center as a premier enhancement to the advisor’s retirement engagement with clients – efficiently and effectively delivering essential retirement plan tools and expertise while enabling the advisor to better prepare clients for their life journey.

Tools, Technology, Plan Management Marketing, and Education

The Retirement Center is designed to help financial professionals position their businesses to serve their investing clients in all phases of retirement planning.

Cambridge Retirement Center

The Cambridge Retirement Center is dedicated to providing the education and technology resources needed to move the retirement industry forward so every individual has the opportunity to retire on their terms.

Available only from the original Fee Experts® - the Retirement Center offers choice regarding:

  • Offering fee-based solutions as a fiduciary
  • Delivering financial education to participants
  • Providing retirement income solutions

The Retirement Center enables advisors to better prepare clients for their life journey.

  • Access client retirement plans dashboard
  • Deliver financial education to participants
  • Integrate with industry-leading technology providers
  • Offer fee-based solutions as a fiduciary
  • Provide retirement income solutions
  • Utilize data aggregation, investment analytics, and fee benchmarking tools

Are you Independent?

Our culture of true independence means you, the financial professional, control the journey. Your long-term success is defined by the value you deliver to your clients, and your enduring success is often driven by your business efforts being a clear reflection of your personal values.

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