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Episode 211: Making Money Simple

Shari Rash of Greenway Wealth Advisory

“Find one thing that you want to use to separate, differentiate yourself and just go with it. Throw yourself into it and just go with it. It's a great way for you to have some really creative juices, put yourself out there.” – Shari Rash

Shari Rash, founder of Greenway Wealth Advisory, has never been a stranger to financial literacy. Even as a young child, her parents, specifically her dad, always talked with her about money and investing. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she always knew she wanted a career in financial services. After years of working for financial firms, Shari had a desire for independence; she was ready to build her own business her way. Now, Shari continues navigating the landscape with one mission in mind – making money uncomplicated. You don’t want to miss this episode as Shari highlights how she discovered her niche in the independent space and how it allows her to control her destiny as a business owner, podcaster, and blogger.

In Episode 211: Making Money Simple, Shari joins Cambridge CEO Amy Webber to discuss:

  • Her journey from journalism to financial services
  • How she leverages online resources and marketing materials
  • How the independent space has allowed her to build her business her way

About Shari Rash

Greenway Wealth Advisory is committed to and passionate about providing a high level of service to clients. We believe in having an advice-based relationship and take pride in guiding client decisions based on their goals, risk tolerances and concerns. We work together toward your financial success – whatever that may look like for you! Shari works with families, helping them plan for retirement, review education funding options, and how to care for aging parents. She also works with women who may not be getting the financial attention they deserve as well as millennials who are just starting to accumulate wealth and are seeking help.


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