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Episode 164: The Plan Comes First

Joel Arsenault of PlanFirst., LLC

“It just takes time, it’s being genuine about your intentions, it’s asking questions. It’s not about calling to sell or being passive aggressive in a roundabout way. It’s honest to goodness about asking good questions and just listening.”

As someone who grew up in a family full of educators, Joel Arsenault always told himself he would never become a teacher. That’s until college came around, and he studied education, becoming a 7th grade English teacher. Leveraging this experience, after a few years Joel decided he was ready for a career change. Today he continues teaching, but has made the transition into a new space as a financial planning professional.

Joel utilizes the lessons he learned as a classroom teacher to better serve his clients. From teacher to financial professional – Joel, like many others, accidentally came upon the financial services industry. Today he continues serving his clients by putting their goals and objectives first – something he attributes to his overall success in the office as well as the classroom.

Tune in to Episode 164: The Plan Comes First, to hear:

  • How Joel’s career evolved from a 7th grade English teacher to financial planner
  • His perspective when it comes to putting ‘the plan’ first
  • How Joel continues leveraging skills he learned in the classroom
  • What advice he offers when it comes to networking and building relationships

Don’t miss this episode of Cambridge Stronger to hear Joel’s journey! 

About Joel Arsenault of PlanFirst., LLC

From the small paper mill town of Mexico, Maine…Joel comes from a blue-collar background and never envisioned working in the realm of finance. His college summers were spent working in the same mill his father worked in for 46 years. While routinely working with pavement crews and other paper-making chemicals daily, he knew that this was not a place he wanted to spend a lifetime.

After earning a degree in teaching, and later a Master’s degree in education, he spent five years as a public school teacher before becoming an insurance agent. After three years of working in insurance, he decided to give it a go in the financial advisory world—and still here and thriving today. 

He’s a fee-only financial adviser at PlanFirst., LLC in Gilford, New Hampshire.

Advisory services through Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc., a Registered Investment Adviser. Cambridge and PlanFirst. are not affiliated.

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