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Episode 177: Thinking Out-of-the Box

Melissa Reaktenwalt of EViE Financial 

 “My career in financial services for the last almost 17 years has been about finding that balance between what I want to offer my clients, how I want to structure my practice, and how I want to serve my clients.”

What once began as a first job out of college for Melissa Reaktenwalt, quickly turned into a lifelong career and personal journey. After working within a credit union system, Melissa desired the opportunity to offer her clients options that better fit their unique needs – turning her passion for accessible financial services for all into a reality. In 2018, she took a leap into the independent space and founded EViE Financial. Now, Melissa specializes in offering wealth management and financial planning services with a focus on education, vitality, independence, and empowerment – the true meaning behind EViE Financial.

Don’t miss Episode 177: Thinking Out-of-the-Box, as Melissa joins Cambridge CEO Amy Webber to discuss:

  • Why she’s so passionate about providing accessible financial services
  • How she dealt with the trials and tribulations of starting a business and joining the independent space
  • Her role on Cambridge’s Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion Advisory Council

About Melissa Reaktenwalt 

Melissa is a biracial black woman who found her calling as a financial services professional and wealth manager. She is passionate about educating individuals on the power of smart and efficient money management. She grew up with minimal means, but in the company of a family that never quit despite challenging financial circumstances. That upbringing, along with her formal education and extensive experience with clients from varied paths, prompted her to start EViE Financial Group in the fall of 2018 to turn that passion into accessible financial services for all. In Melissa’s words, money management and financial wellness are her jam!

Through EViE, the focus remains on actionable financial strategies combined with the firm’s values: education, vitality, independence, and empowerment. The EViE team encompasses the core values with every event, interaction with a client, and service to the community, and take pride in working with clients in a transparent, education-first way.


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