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Episode 148: Integrating Work and Life

Shannon Mehls of Ohrenda

Shannon Mehls is the owner and Registered Principal of Ohrenda, an Enterprise branch with Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. Shannon has been serving Financial Professionals and their employees for 20 years and has served as a Registered Principal for over a decade.

Shannon got her start working as a home office employee for Minnesota Life. She assisted Financial Professionals with their life insurance servicing needs. Feeling the need to work closer to home, she joined J.A. Counter as a registered administrative assistant. Being a lifelong student at heart, she continued securities license testing and worked her way to obtaining her Series 24. After a couple of years, she became the Registered Principal for J.A. Counter and took over the management and compliance responsibilities of the Office of Supervisory Jurisdiction (OSJ). In 2018, Shannon purchased the OSJ from J.A Counter, where she transitioned from employee to business owner.

Financial Professionals rely on Shannon to provide trusted guidance, advocacy, and growth support. She has a passion for serving others, and her goal is to take care of her Financial Professionals as well as they take care of their clients. She enjoys the challenge that each day brings and supports an independent culture that encourages Financial Professionals to do business in a way that best fits their clients’ needs. Ohrenda has been built on the mission of providing a collaborative, growing, and caring environment where financial professionals can feel confident coming together and sharing ideas.

Shannon lives in New Richmond, WI with her husband Dave (aka Mehls). Mehls can be seen at Ohrenda conferences, hanging out behind the scenes making sure everything runs smoothly. She and Mehls are empty nesters – their sons Keilan and Liam are active members of the military, and both are happily married and serving their country.

Episode 148: Integrating Work and Life Amy Webber and Shannon Mehls
Episode 148: Integrating Work and Life

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