We are Independent

We believe every journey is important. We are independent. We are Cambridge.

Is technology keeping you from what’s important?

CLIC Advisor and CLIC Client

Digital wealth at your fingertips. CLIC® Advisor utilizes innovative partnerships with FinTech providers in a streamlined experience while supporting advisor choice. CLIC Client takes the next step in engaging investing clients with a collaborative mobile-ready environment.

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Cambridge Investment Group, Inc. is an internally controlled financial solutions firm focused on serving independent financial professionals and their investing clients with a broad range of choices regarding financial Solutions. Cambridge’s national reach includes: Cambridge Investment Research Advisors, Inc. – a large corporate RIA; and Cambridge Investment Research Inc. – an independent broker-dealer.

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Solutions for Financial Professionals

Let us help you position your advice business for the future with innovative financial solutions focused on giving you choices to meet your unique business goals. 

Information for Investors

We are here to support your independent business as a financial professional and your investing clients as they work with their financial professional to reach their goals.

Are you Independent?

Our culture of true independence means you, the financial professional, control the journey. Your long-term success is defined by the value you deliver to your clients, and your enduring success is often driven by your business efforts being a clear reflection of your personal values.

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