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Cambridge Culture and Benefits

At Cambridge, we work to promote a healthy lifestyle for associates in both their personal and professional lives through a wide variety of wellness benefits and initiatives. We offer our associates paid time off for volunteering, local recreation center discounts, financial planning courses, and so much more. Additionally, we provide our associates with abundant career opportunities through professional development, promotions from within, and career growth assistance. Associate professional development is highly encouraged through our in-house Associate Training and Development Team with a variety of opportunities provided, including online and live trainings, courses lead by nationally recognized speakers, and local and national industry specific conferences.

Our associates enjoy taking walks, playing a quick round of bags, or participating in our annual company-wide volleyball tournament. When the temperature begins to drop, the activities move indoors with ping-pong competitions, an annual weight-loss challenge, and yoga sessions. We believe that work-life balance is the key to individual success. When life is enjoyed, we all prosper.

Overview of Benefit Package

You’ll have a selection of plans with coverage options that work best for you, your spouse/domestic partner, and/or children. We offer medical insurance through Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield, dental through Delta Dental, and vision through Delta Enhanced.

Please see our notice for Transparency in Coverage

We believe in helping you prepare for your retirement. Our 401(k) plan includes a company match of 100% of your contribution up to 4.5% of your pay. Associates have a choice between a Traditional or Roth 401 (k) account and are able to attend training sessions to learn about retirement options.

We provide associates an opportunity to share in the profits of the company through the profit-sharing program. This program does not require associate funding and allows associates to receive a discretionary contribution based on annual earnings and profitability of the company.

We offer short- and long-term disability coverage, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance when life doesn't go as planned.

Flexible Time Off: We understand personal schedules and the need for flexibility to find a personal balance. Our associates work with leadership to plan time away. We offer paid holidays and time off to help find the balance.

Financial Wellness: Associates receive access to an unbiased financial wellness firm that provides complimentary expert guidance and education programs.

Employee Assistance Program: Associates receive resources for confidential counseling sessions with a counselor, financial planner, or legal advisor.

Parental Leave: We want you to take time for your family and offer six weeks of paid parental leave to eligible associates.

Adoption Benefit: We'll help you pay for certain costs related to adopting a child.

Wellness Committee: We know feeling your best is key. We offer wellness resources including on-site wellness screenings, weight loss challenges, and fitness center discounts.

Associate Performance Bonus: Associates are eligible for a discretionary annual performance bonus based on individual and company performance.

Matching Gifts: Cambridge matches charitable donations of cash, personal checks, and credit card contributions dollar for dollar up to a specific amount.

Volunteer Time: We encourage associates to give back to organizations or community events by offering paid volunteer time off.

Professional Career Growth: We offer abundant career opportunities through formal training opportunities, development plans, promotions within, and career growth assistance. Cambridge has an Associate Training and Development Team that coordinates a variety of trainings for growth and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of our financial professionals, their clients, and our associates. We take great pride in the many financial professionals and associates with Cambridge that share our purpose and values of commitment, integrity, flexibility, and kindness. In fact, we honor financial professionals and associates that best reflect our purpose, values, and service excellence to their clients by recognizing them with a Spirit of Cambridge award.

We are known for our culture of trust and innovation, as well as our core values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness. At Cambridge, we believe culture counts, values matter most, and independence is the base for our success. Cambridge has been honored as a ‘Top Workplace in Iowa’ by the Des Moines Register for 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and 2011. We are one of only four employers to be named among the Top Workplaces in Iowa every year since the program began in 2011.

Cambridge offers a well-rounded portfolio of benefits that encourage and support associates work-life balance and wellness. We understand life outside of Cambridge is important, and we work to support our associates in all areas of their lives.

At Cambridge, we focus on attracting engaging, fun, enthusiastic, hard-working associates who reflect our values of integrity, commitment, flexibility, and kindness. We invest in our associates through our extensive professional development programs. We create ways for everyone to collaborate and find their sense of belonging within Cambridge. Our FISH® committee plans volleyball, bag toss and Wii bowling tournaments and other fun events throughout the year.

At Cambridge, we believe happy associates are better able to serve financial professionals.

We believe wellness is life and work – in balance for the associate. Work-life balance is the key to individual success. When life is enjoyed, we all prosper. Our Wellness Committee of associates works to promote a healthy lifestyle for associates in both their professional and personal lives.

Independent financial professionals choosing Cambridge are financial planners, retirement planners, wealth advisors, investment advisors, fiduciary advisors, and succession planners for business owners. For their investing client, they offer a long term, trusted relationship to help them meet their financial goals. At Cambridge, we are proud that we have a shared purpose and values many financial professionals choosing our firm for the support they need in their businesses. Through Cambridge, these financial professionals have broad access to many financial solutions and types of products in order to give investing clients choice and provide more personalized service. By working with a trusted financial professional, an investing client can get guidance and advice on how best to develop and manage a plan that works for their goals – including savings for their children’s college funding or saving for their retirement and then spending those hard-earned retirement funds. Many of these financial professionals work closely with CPAs and attorneys regarding tax planning and estate planning – and several have been instrumental in helping their clients in the immediate aftermath of devastating natural disasters like flooding and fires.

Independent financial service professionals are not employees of an independent financial solutions firm like Cambridge – they are independent business owners. They have the freedom to structure their business in a manner that best serves their investing clients. Independent financial professionals utilize a broker-dealer and/or an RIA who provides services that include processing investment business, marketing assistance, practice management, and education. In addition, a broker-dealer and/or an RIA holds responsibility for regulatory compliance and adherence to securities laws.

Cambridge has offices in Fairfield, Iowa, where it is one of the area’s largest employers in this Midwestern community of about 10,000 residents. Cambridge also expanded to the Southwest with the opening of an office space in Phoenix, Arizona, in 2020. The Phoenix office is designed to support 50 locally based associates in professional roles ranging from digital marketing to technology and other business and service areas. With this latest expansion effort, Cambridge is growing its offices, including a number of associates working remotely or in a hybrid model. Among the largest independent broker-dealers, Cambridge serves independent financial professionals based in every state who live and work in communities all across the country.

An independent financial professional is not an employee of an investment or financial services firm – they are an independent business owner. They have the freedom to structure their business in a manner that best serves their investing clients. An independent financial professional utilizes a broker-dealer, who provides services that include processing investment business, marketing assistance, practice management, and education. In addition, a broker-dealer holds responsibility for regulatory compliance and adherence to securities laws.

Cambridge is an independent financial solutions firm and this means the independent financial professionals work for themselves out of their own offices and are free to help their clients choose the best investment products. Cambridge gives then freedom of choice without pressure to sell a particular company’s products; and this enables the financial professional to better serve their investing client’s financial goals. This business model differs from that of other, large financial institutions, often called ‘wirehouses,’ whose advisors (stock brokers) are employees of the company.

There are many different types of firms for a financial professional to consider. You may be familiar with broker-dealers that are subsidiaries of conglomerates such as commercial banks, investment banks, and investment companies. An independent broker-dealer is different from such firms because they generally do not underwrite securities, they do not create research, and they do not engage in investment banking. Many independent financial professionals choose to work with independent broker-dealers because of their ability to provide investment advice and holistic financial and retirement planning guidance without any expectation that certain products must be recommended.

A broker-dealer provides services to the financial professional that includes processing investment business, marketing assistance, practice management, and education. In addition, a broker-dealer holds responsibility for regulatory compliance and adherence to securities laws.

An independent broker-dealer allows financial professionals to offer non-proprietary products, such as mutual funds or life insurance, from a wide variety of companies. A financial professional chooses to work with an independent broker-dealer in an effort to offer more choices as part of their financial planning and investment advice that is compensated in the form of fees, commissions, or both.

A Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) processes the fee-based business of an Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) licensed with the firm and holds responsibility for regulatory compliance and adherence to securities law. A Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) is a firm that is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The RIA buys and sells investment products on behalf of investors. In our case, investors don’t contact us directly; rather, we receive instructions from financial professionals who choose to work with Cambridge. These financial professionals are independent business owners who have relationships with their clients, and we function as the unseen back office that processes client transactions for them.

We are in the financial advice industry, and it is a heavily regulated business. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) delegates the supervision of financial professionals to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). FINRA, in turn, requires every financial professional to affiliate with one, and only one, broker-dealer and/or Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with the intent to maintain a clear chain of responsibility.

Just as investing clients have the opportunity to choose their trusted financial professional, the independent financial professional chooses their independent broker-dealer or RIA. We are honored that financial professionals choose Cambridge. We believe their choice serves the investing client’s best interests because we are independently controlled and the independent financial professional has the freedom they need to best serve the needs and financial objectives of their investing clients. This means we do not force them to sell proprietary products or meet any sales quotas. Therefore, the independent financial professional is not pressured or distracted by corporate interests and can focus on what is best for their client in terms of their financial goals.

At Cambridge, we believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of the independent financial professional. Instead of asking a financial professionals to fit into a mold of how we think they should do business, we empower them with a vast menu of compliance-friendly programs, products, solutions, and services. This enables the financial professional to customize an investment strategy or financial plan designed to meet the unique long-term financial needs of their investing clients.

Financial professionals who choose Cambridge are independent business owners who desire freedom of choice in what they can offer clients. They are often entrepreneurial by nature and are comfortable with the responsibilities and challenges of running their own business. These financial professionals choose Cambridge because we are independent and internally controlled, and because of our purpose, values, and culture. Across the industry we have a reputation for service excellence and integrity. We also listen and respond to what a financial professional needs to serve their clients while running their own businesses.

At Cambridge, our primary focus is the independent financial professional and the relationship with their clients. We believe preserving our culture must start with the stability of management and internal control within Cambridge.

Cambridge was founded by Eric Schwartz, our Executive Chairman, more than 40 years ago. Eric, intent on innovation and problem solving, focused on solving one of the greatest challenges facing independent financial professionals and the industry – business continuity and succession planning. In the years since, Eric and CEO Amy Webber have established a flexible business model, a committed executive leadership team, a legal structure, and a formal succession plan – all to stay focused on serving the independent financial professional. While it may be appealing for founders of some companies to cash out as they get older, this is not part of our succession plan or of interest to Eric, Amy, or our executive leadership team.