Social and Sustainable Investing

Social and sustainable investing is investing with a purpose. Over a quarter of all professionally managed assets in the United States were invested according to these principles.1 Now, you can help clients incorporate social and sustainable investing into their portfolios.

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Clients want to incorporate Social and Sustainable Investing to:

  • make a difference in the world
  • potentially receive better investment outcomes
  • align their investments with personal values

From 2016 to 2018, social and sustainable investing increased 38 percent1, with 80 percent of women and 85 percent of millennial investors showing interest in impact investing.2

Cambridge Social and Sustainable Investing

At Cambridge, we have built a collection of resources built to help advisors meet the Environmental/Social/Governance (ESG) and Faith-based Investing needs of their clients through learning, researching, and networking.

These resources include: CAAP®3 Strategies, Product Database, WealthPort® UMA Exclusionary Screening, Impact Cash, Donor-advised Funds, Education Resources, and Cambridge Nation.

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Are you Independent?

Our culture of true independence means you, the financial professional, control the journey. Your long-term success is defined by the value you deliver to your clients, and your enduring success is often driven by your business efforts being a clear reflection of your personal values.

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