Perspectives & Whitepapers

Cambridge offers helpful information and perspectives for the financial professional to aid them in serving the needs of their investing clients.

The Importance of Continuity Planning

Six Steps to Succession Planning

The Art and Science of a Deal: Your Guide to Acquiring a Practice

Why Your Independence is Not for Sale and Why Cambridge is Not for Sale

Partnering with Your Broker-dealer for Successful Branch Building

The Value of Advice

The pace and velocity of change in the advice industry over the last 18 months has forced many advisers to rapidly re-evaluate their business strategies and outlooks. Regulatory, technology and investment pressures are re-shaping the business of advice – seemingly in realtime.

Cambridge’s Plan for Independence and Private Control

Cambridge’s plan for independence and maintaining control of our destiny is primarily based on:

Cambridge’s Succession Plan

The Cambridge ESOP, Advisor, and Management Ownership: Beginning in 2017, Cambridge offered a major expansion…

Cambridge Helps Financial Professionals with their Succession Plans

Cambridge offers Succession Solutions for independent financial professionals. At its core, succession planning creates…

The Cambridge Community of Women

The Cambridge Community of Women is all about more women, not fewer men. It’s about bringing more women into our…

The Cambridge Flag Logo

A flag is a symbol of independence. The four stripes of the Cambridge flag logo represent our unwavering dedication to…

Cambridge’s Purpose and Values

Our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of our advisors, their clients, and our associates. We take great…

Spirit of Cambridge Honors for Financial Professionals

We proudly honor financial professionals with a Spirit of Cambridge award every year – based on voting by our…

10 Factors Often Overlooked in Selecting a Broker-Dealer

A Due Diligence Thought Paper

35 Tips from Over 35 Years of Serving Independent Financial Advisors

A benchmark of best practices for helping branches grow through recruiting

Compelling Reasons to Consider Fees for Advisors and Their Clients

Change is never easy. The advice industry is being pummeled with change coming faster than ever before, and the pressure is coming from everywhere. At Cambridge, we believe we must support independent advisors in adapting their business models.

The Future of Advice: Identifying Avenues of Growth

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