Marketing Solutions for Financial Professionals

Cambridge outsourcing options includes customizable marketing and website development to help independent advisors grow and manage their businesses.

Client Outreach and Marketing

Cambridge offers marketing collateral that can be customized for your business and brand. You can work with the in-house Public Relations and Creative Marketing Team to brainstorm developing a targeted message and design for the campaign you envision. We invite you to take advantage of our in-house, collaborative relationship with the Compliance Department and our experience in the independent advice channel. We are excited to work with you to create a piece that speaks to you and the unique business you've dedicated your expertise to building.

In addition to our in-house outsourcing options through the Public Relations and Creative Marketing Team, Cambridge’s Practice Management Team is engaged in relationships with leading industry marketing firms to provide you with additional options for tools and assistance to develop your brand and marketing. Our Practice Management Team can help you connect with a number of resources inside Cambridge to help grow and streamline your business.

Cambridge Source 

Cambridge Source (Source) is your in-house solution for common outsourcing needs. Featuring an umbrella of services, including Customized Advisor Marketing, Office Assistant, and Street to Staff, Source allows you to better manage your time and effectively grow your practice.

We recognize the largest challenge in outsourcing is finding the right third-party that understands you and the inherent complexities of our heavily regulated industry. Source’s talented personnel and innovative solutions make selecting the right partner an easy decision.

Third-Party Discounts 

The Practice Management Team can share insight about various third-party provider discount pricing as well as competitive solutions available directly through Cambridge – while focused on how you manage your business. These options include: marketing, CRM, office support, dictation, shipping, video conferencing, professional development,  and business consulting.

Cambridge also offers a number of advanced planning tools and specialized resources to help advisors handle clients' most sophisticated financial goals.

Digital Communications Solutions for Texting and Social Media

An early adopter of social media in our industry, Cambridge provides a compliant solution for advisors to use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter as part of their engagement and communications with their clients. Digital communications solutions for independent financial professionals is among our strategic   priorities, and in keeping with our early adopter approach, we recently added compliant texting as an optional choice for engaging with your clients. We continue to expand compliant social media options and are currently in the pilot phase of adding Instagram as another compliant choice for communicating with existing and potential clients.

Contact a Business Development Director to find out more.