Tips for Implementing a Fee-based or Fee-only Business Model
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Tips for Implementing a Fee-based or Fee-only Business Model

Cambridge makes it possible for you to offer holistic advice by supporting fee-based and fee-only business models.

Find out why advice industry is adopting fee based models

Over the last 20 years, a clear trend towards fee based programs has developed across the financial services industry. In fact, a 2019 Cerulli Associates study1 found that 62 percent of investor households now prefer fee based payment arrangements over commissions.

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Discover the fundamentals of building a successful fee based structure. Our whitepaper can help you understand:

  • The benefits of a fee model
  • Six transition steps to consider
  • How Cambridge simplifies your transition to fee based or fee only models

Does your current broker-dealer/RIA restrict your ability to offer holistic advice? If yes, now is the time to consider evolving your business model, and partnering with Cambridge can offer distinct advantages.

Cambridge enables you to:

  • Join through your own independent RIA or our corporate RIA 
  • Choose dual registration or no FINRA registration
  • Implement a hybrid model that best suits your clients

*Average Independent RIA start up fees, when using a compliance consultant to generate documents and registrations, range from $5,000-$10,000. Comparable fees are not applicable through CIRA.

1Szala, G. (2019). Have fee-based models won the battle… or the war? Think Advisor.

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