Discover True Independence at Cambridge

As a financial advisor, you need the flexibility to make decisions that most benefit your clients and your practice.

This is why the influx of merger and acquisition activity in the financial services industry is so unsettling. Consolidation can rob you of your independence — the control and the flexibility to run your practice your way. More concerning, it can blindside you and come when you least expect it.

That’s why aligning with a broker-dealer/RIA that is internally controlled and positioned to protect the independence of its financial advisors is so important.

In The Pillars of True Independence whitepaper, you will read about:

  • The six-pillar succession strategy that helps us maintain internal control and preserve your independence designed by Cambridge's executive team, including CEO Amy Webber and Founder and Executive Chairman, Eric Schwartz
  • Why our status as an internally controlled firm allows us to maintain the pace of change and protect your business in the face of rapid consolidation
  • How remaining independent supports you in creating and building your practice just how you want it

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