It’s Time to Make Your Move

There’s nothing worse than looking back and wondering “what if?” Although the idea of transitioning to a new broker-dealer or registered investment advisor can be intimidating, aligning with the right partner firm could be the move that helps you build the business you’ve always wanted. In many ways, the right transition can change the trajectory of your business and your life.

And based on current trends, financial advisors nationwide are understanding the power of transition. According to a recent report1, more than 9,000 experienced advisors changed firms in 2022, an average of 750 moves per month.

There’s never been a better time to make your move. Download our whitepaper and learn:

  • Why advisors are on the move, and how they’re benefiting from more flexibility and control as a result
  • What you can do to retain existing clients and capture new prospects during transition
  • How Cambridge’s Transition Support Team can support your move with personalized plans, custom milestones, consultations, and trainings

Put an end to the “what-ifs” — take the plunge and get started on your transition journey today.