“Everybody talks about helping financial advisors and OSJ leaders grow, but Cambridge actually does it. I don’t know of another firm that has the coaching, recruiting support, and product footprint that Cambridge has.”

— Greg Raines | CEO, TAG Advisors1

Few professions place complete and total control in an individual’s hands. The financial services industry, and the independent space in particular, is one of them — especially if you are an OSJ leader leading an organization of 30+ financial advisors who wants to command every step of your journey and build a unique legacy.

But only if you align with the right partner firm.

From humble beginnings, TAG Advisors1 CEO Greg Raines and Pivotal Financial Advisors2 Founder, Monte Ferguson, now operate two of Cambridge's largest independent OSJs. They have each forged their own unique path to success but share an important commonality: both have used the flexibility and freedom at Cambridge to build a legacy of their own in the highly competitive independent space.

How did they do it? Download our ‘Success Stories’ whitepaper to learn:

  • Where Greg and Monte came from and how their move to Cambridge helped them build the business they’d always wanted
  • How Cambridge’s flexible range of platforms, recruiting tools, and back-office support help OSJ leaders serve their advisors and acquire new ones
  • Why Monte referred to himself as a “kid in a candy store” when discussing Cambridge’s range of product offerings

Ready to write your own success story at Cambridge? Begin your journey today.